Clock Battery Kit Installation Instructions

Step 1

-Unplug the gauge from the its wiring harness.

Step 2

-Remove the electrical tape and wire loom from the wire bundle leading to the gauge's connector.

Step 3

-Grasp the wire connector that plugs into the gauge and use a small flat head screw driver to unlock the white retainer (the white retainer will pop out about a centimeter when unlocked)

Step 4

-Unlock the wire guide using a small flat head screwdriver and pull the wire guide backwards.

-Note that in the following pictures the wire colors do not match what is on the sled.

-Also note that the wires are quite stiff, and it will take some gentle wiggling to get the wire guide to slide back an inch or two.

Step 5

-The picture below indicates where the pin on the red wire should be inserted into the connector. This location is the third wire from the edge, next to the black ground wire. Before you insert the pin into the connector you will need to remove the "Pin Blank" that currently fills the unused location. Insert a paperclip into the small hole above the pin's slot and remove the white "Pin Blank" by pulling it out the back of the connector. If you have trouble getting the pin to release, see the alternative pin removal guide at the bottom of this page.

Note: If a red wire with a white strip is already installed in this location you will need to remove that wire and wrap it with electrical tape before installing the pin of the clock battery kit.

Step 6

-Once the white "Pin Blank" has been removed, insert the supplied pin into the connector from the back until it snaps into place. Note that the pin has an up and a down. Match the orientation of the existing pins by looking into the back of the connector and matching their orientation.

Step 7

-Using the supplied blue tap splice, splice the black wire on the Clock Battery Kit to the existing black wire next to where the red pin was inserted into the connector.

Step 8

-Re-wrap the wiring harness that connects to the gauge with electrical tape and the original wire loom.

Step 9

-Attach the Clock Battery Kit to the wire loom using the supplied zip tie.

Step 10

-Re-attach the gauge's connector to the gauge

Step 11

-Start the snowmobile and perform the follow to set the clock:

-Press the set button to enter the menu system (far right button)

-Press the down button until the LCD displays "SET CLK"

-Press the set button to begin setting the clock

-Use the up and down button to set the hour

-Press the set button to begin setting the minutes

-Use the up and down button to set the minutes

-Press the set button to finish setting the clock

Step 12

To verify that the clock battery is functioning correctly, after setting the clock shut the snowmobile off for 2 minutes. Start the snowmobile and verify that the clock displays the correct time.

Alternative Pin Removal

Step 1

-Using a small screw driver, gently pry the white retainer of connector completely out. This is where electrical shorts will happen if you do not unplug the hood harness.

Step 2

-To remove the pin push the head of a small standard screwdriver in between the center plastic piece and the pin being removed. Then pull the pin out the back of the connector. (Note that in the picture below the pin being removed is not the one where the boost kit pin goes).

Step 3

-Insert the white retainer back into the connector. The "fins" of the retainer must go between the pins.