Calibratable Odometer

Overview of the Calibratable Odometer

The stock gauges on Arctic Cat Procoss and Proclimb are off by about 9%, and a reflashed gauge comes precalibrated to remove that inaccuracy. The Deluxe Gauge Software Reflash also allows you to calibrate your gauge for enhanced accuracy. This might be necessary if you change the drivers on your snowmobile, or if you want to further increase the accuracy of the odometer.

The following video demonstrates how to adjust the odometer calibration of a reflashed gauge:

How to use the Odometer Calibration Feature

To calibrate the odometer you ideally need to understand how far off the gauge is at its current state:

  1. Use a GPS to track how far you travel

  2. Reset a trip odometer and ride 1 or 2 miles at 20 mph or so, stopping as soon as the odometer reaches the desired distance. Avoid spinning the track (longer distances can be used as well)

  3. Write down the distance that the GPS reports that you have gone in miles to at least 2 decimal places

  4. Divide the distance reported on the odometer by the amount the GPS has reported you traveled

  5. Save the number for later use (it will be less than 1 if your odometer is saying you traveled less than you actually did, and over one if the odometer is saying you traveled further than you actually did)

Once you have completed the steps above, or decided that you want to make guesstimate changes, do the following:

  1. Press the set button to enter the menu system of the gauge

  2. Use the up and down buttons to navigate the menu system until you see SPD CAL displayed on the LCD

  3. Press the set button to begin changing the calibration of the odometer. A number will begin flashing (by default this number is 2053 for Procross, and 513 for sleds with a Diamond Drive)

  4. If you've measured how far the odometer is off, divide the flashing number shown by the number you calculated above. Then use the up and down buttons to change the flashing number to the result of the division

  5. If you haven't performed the division, increase the flashing number if the gauge says you've traveled a shorter distance than you actually have, and decrease the flashing number if the gauge says you've traveled farther than you actually have

  6. Press the set button to save the calibration changes