Ability to hide ECU codes

Overview of hiding ECU codes

The Deluxe Gauge Software Reflash allows you to prevent ECU codes from overriding what is shown at the top of the LCD. Normally when the ECU throws a code the gauge alternates between displaying "ECU" and the code number at the top of the LCD. Situations arise where the case of the ECU code cannot be addressed immediately, and without the ability to hide ECU codes, the top of the LCD would not be usable for displaying more useful data. Note that if ECU codes are hidden and a code is being thrown, the wrench symbol will still be displayed.

The following video demonstrates the hiding of ECU codes:

How to hide ECU codes

To hide or show ECU codes do the following:

  1. Press the set button to enter the menu system

  2. Press the down or up button repeatedly until HIDE or SHOW is shown at the top of the LCD, and ECU is shown in the center of the LCD

  3. Press the set button to change whether ECU codes are hidden