NS1 Gauge System

What is the NS1 Gauge System?

The NS1 Gauge System is a complete replacement for the stock gauge that includes the features of a high end GPS unit that supports Garmin compatible map products, a sophisticated and configurable gauge, along with an always on data logger. It even has the ability to exchange location information with other riders in your group without relying on cellular service. All functionality that the stock gauge has is included as well.

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The NS1 gauge system is currently compatible with the following snowmobiles:

  • 2009 and newer Arctic Cat sleds (including the 800 CTEC and Yamaha 998/998T motors)

  • 2012 and newer Polaris sleds

  • 2014 and newer Yamaha sleds using the Arctic Cat chassis (Viper)

  • 800 ETEC, 850 ETEC, and 1200 4TEC Ski Doo sleds (inquire by email for supported Ski Doo models)


The NS1 gauge system is priced at $639. For that price you get a high end GPS unit, a full feature aftermarket vehicle gauge, and a data logger.