Data Logging and Gauge Features

Configurable Display Layout:

You decide what data you want to display on the gauge, and how many different pieces of data. You'll have 5 different layouts that can be easily switched between, using arrows at the side of the screen. Each individual layout can show a map and any combination of gauge faces. You can even configure a layout to show just a map or no map and only gauge faces.

Configurable Gauge Faces:

Although the display is completely digital, you can still show gauge faces that are analog. You'll be able to choose from a wide variety of gauge faces including horizontal bar and needle graphs, vertical needle and bar graphs, circular needles faces, and text faces. Each of these gauge faces comes in a variety of sizes.

Data Logging:

The NS1 Gauge System automatically records data while the vehicle is running. The gauge has built in graphing so that you can visualize the recorded data.