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Before ordering the NS1 Gauge System, check out the following information:

Gauge Features

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NS1 Gauge System with 8" Display ($100 Deposit, $639 Total Price)

-At the moment the time between placing a deposit and your NS1 being ready to be shipped is 3 weeks.

-An invoice will be sent when your NS1 is ready to be shipped that can be paid with any major credit/debit card or with Paypal. 

-To show AFR the recommended AFR controller is the Spartan Lambda 2 from https://www.14point7.com/

Terms and Conditions of the NS1 Gauge System

To order the NS1 Gauge System you need to read, understand, and agree to the following terms and conditions:

Spare Wing Nuts X3

Recently purchased NS1s ship with a spare wing nut. Also note that complete removal of the wing nut to remove the display isn't necessary since the hold down arms rotate out of the way. If you require replacement hardware beyond the wing nuts please send an email to stefan@nextstagegauegs.com.

Improved 8" NS1 Display

Improvements over NS1 Displays shipped before October 2020:

-32GB of storage instead of 16GB

-Ability to  have a second app split the screen with the NS1 Dashboard, such as mapping app