Hardware Features

Large 8” Display:

The large display with high contrast gauge faces make the gauge usable even in the brightest conditions. Tested on bright days in the mountains, you can rest assured that the gauge is usable even in the most adverse conditions.

Removable Display:

The gauge's design allows you to remove the display portion of the gauge and use it as a battery powered tablet. This allows you to plan your next ride, download maps, and analyze recorded data without having to sit on your sled in the cold. This also makes it so that rolling the sled over on crusty snow to get unstuck doesn't risk damaging the display.

Lithium Ion Battery:

A built in Lithium Ion battery allows the gauge to function with the sled not running, even on the coldest days. When the sled is running the gauge is powered by the sled, so the gauge will last all day long.

Rugged and Water-resistant Design:

The gauge is designed to operate in the harsh environment of a snowmobile, where light contact with branches, water, snow, and mud are the order of the day. The display's screen is made from Gorilla glass, ensuring durability.

Android Based System:

The gauge is built using a Android, allowing you to run any Android application on your gauge that you would like, including applications like Google Earth.