Location Sharing Features

Track Other Riders

With the NS1 Gauge System you can automatically share your location with other riders, regardless of whether they have an NS1 Gauge System, and see other rider's shared locations right on the NS1's display. This feature uses Gotenna or Gotenna Mesh devices to exchange location information every 15 seconds regardless of whether cellular service is available. Currently riders without an NS1 Gauge System must have an Android smartphone or tablet to make use of the Location Sharing feature.

Gotenna, or Gotenna Mesh?

If choosing between a Gotenna and a Gotenna Mesh, the Gotenna Mesh is preferred since range is about equal, and Gotenna Mesh includes mesh networking. In order for the Location Sharing feature to work the Gotenna or Gotenna Mesh must be connected to the device running the NS1 Dashboard application. A Gotenna or Gotenna Mesh by itself will not transmit location information. In addition, all users must either be using Gotennas, or all using Gotenna Meshes. You cannot mix Gotennas and Gotenna Meshes.

Expected Range

The expected range of the Location Sharing functionality using either the Gotenna or Gotenna Mesh is 1/4th mile to 3/4ths mile. This is highly dependent on terrain, and under some circumstances you may have slightly shorter range. Longer ranges than 3/4ths mile are common, but getting these ranges requires favorable terrain such as mostly unobstructed line of sight, or being positioned at high points, such as the top of a hill.

The Gotenna Mesh includes mesh networking. This enables each Gotenna Mesh to forward along the messages it receives to other Gotenna Mesh devices that were unable to receive the transmission. This can prove useful in many situations, such as a large group of riders where everyone is within a 1/4 mile of each other, but the leader and the last person are 2 miles apart. In that situation the leader would not see the last person in the group unless Gotenna Mesh devices were being used.