Deluxe Gauge Reflash

Much like most modern consumer electronics, the Arctic Cat Deluxe Gauge is limited by the software that runs on it. The Deluxe Gauge Software Reflash replaces the stock software on the Deluxe Gauge with aftermarket software that improves how configurable, usable, capable the gauge is.

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The following video demonstrates the Enhanced Data Display Feature. Throughout this website you can find more videos demonstrating the other features of a reflashed gauge.

List of the major features/improvements:

-Data logging

-Playback of recorded data

-Display of the following on either the upper or center digits:

  • Engine Coolant Temperature

  • Air Intake Temperature

  • Fuel Remaining Percentage

  • Clock

  • Voltage

  • Altitude

  • RPM

  • Speed

-Completely configure the needle, top, and center displays

  • 7 different display combinations that can be switched between with a single button

  • Each display configuration can be edited so that you can display exactly what you want

-Optionally allows additional data to be displayed:

  • AFR

  • Boost

-A customizable Engine Coolant Temperature Alert

  • Temperature at which the alert is shown is configurable

  • Temp and oil lights flash on the gauge

  • Temperature is shown and overrides whatever the current display configuration is showing

-Ability to hide ECU codes that are being thrown so that other data can be displayed while the

sled is throwing an ECU code

-Accurate odometer that can be further calibrated for enhanced accuracy or drive ratio


-Enhanced trip odometer

  • 3 re-settable trips

  • 3 automatic trips that show miles since last start, and miles since the previous 2 starts

  • Ability to save one of the automatic trip values into a user re-settable trip

-A more accurate fuel gauge that updates the fuel level only when the sled's speed is stable

-The fuel gauge can be calibrated by the user through the gauge's interface.

-Enhanced max data storage

  • Maxes values of all data

  • Second set of maxes that reset whenever the sled starts moving

-A consistent menu driven interface that allows the user to find features, perform calibration, and change the settings of the gauge without consulting a manual

-Feature to allow the temperature to be scaled so that with aftermarket ECU tunes the engine coolant temperature is shown accurately