Boost and AFR

Overview of Boost and AFR

The Deluxe Gauge Software Reflash will optionally allow Boost and AFR to be shown on the gauge's LCD and analog needle with a minimal amount of modifications. In fact, showing boost on a 1100T or Z1 Turbo is as simple as running a single wire from the wiring harness by the ECU to the gauge's electrical connector.

If you have an 800 there isn't a stock MAP sensor that has the range to measure boost, so the addition of a MAP sensor is required in that case. If a MAP sensor has been installed with a known datasheet your gauge can be setup to use that MAP sensor. If the MAP sensor's output isn't known, a boost sensor kit is available.

AFR is not much more complicated to add. You need to tap into power and ground, but other than that, adding another wire to the gauge's electrical connector is the only other step (besides installing the AFR sensor of course). Instructions are of course provided for the installations.

The Data Logging and Playback Features, along with maximum's for boost, all work with Boost and AFR. Showing Boost and AFR is as simple as setting up a Display Configurations that shows Boost or AFR at the top, middle, or on the needle. For more information about Display Configurations click here.

The video below demonstrates the playback of recorded boost and AFR data.

Boost Hookup Wire and AFR Hookup Wire

The Boost Hookup Wire allows a MAP sensor to be hooked up to the Deluxe Gauge. This kit comes standard with the AFR/Boost version of the Deluxe Gauge Software Reflash. the AFR Hookup Wire is included in case an AFR controller is installed as well.


The AFR Kit comes with a AFR controller, an LSU 4.9 sensor, and the necessary components to install the controller and sensor. The cost of this kit $124.

Support for other AFR Controllers and Sensors

Any AFR controller that has a linear output can be used. So if you already have an AFR sensor and controller that has a linear output you won't need to buy another one. When you send your gauge in for the reflash you will need to supply information about the linear output of the AFR controller. Specifically what the AFR at 0V and 5V are.

MAP Sensor Kit

If boost needs to be shown on a sled without a MAP sensor that has a known datasheet, a MAP Sensor Kit can be purchased. This kit will include a MAP sensor and necessary components to install it.