NS1 Dashboard Updates

Due to changes in the application submission requirements of Google Play the NS1 Dashboard app updates will have to be downloaded from this page.

Latest Update:

December 18th, 2023

-Add manage all files permission for Android 11 support.

-Fix issues with button Arctic Cat handlebar buttons being pressed at the same time.

January 16th, 2023

-Adds support for the profile based suspension control in 2020+ Arctic Cat sleds with electronic suspension.

-Adds support for changing the suspension setting on Arctic Cats with electronic suspension via the Mode button on the handlebars.

-Move the suspension setting from the Vehicle Settings dialog to a new Suspension Settings dialog.

-Fix an issue with the odometer occasionally resetting to zero on some gauge systems.

Installation Instructions

1) Open the Chrome web browser on the NS1 Display and naviate to this page.

2) Select the link under Latest Update to download the latest update.

3) Select the Package Installer to handle the downloaded update.

4) Once downloaded it may give you a message saying that Package Installer needs permission to install Unknown Apps. Go to the settings and select the slider to enable Unkown Sources and then press the back button to return to the install dialog.

5) Touch Install and wait for the update to finish installing.

6) Some updates contain a firmware update that will be loaded the next time the NS1 Display connects to the vehicle and takes a few minutes to complete.